Israeli Court Grants Parentage to Lesbian Donor Partner

In a decision that closely resembles the California Supreme Court’s ruling in 2005 in the case of K.M v. E.G., a trial court in Israel has recognized the egg-donor mother as a legal co-parent of the child born to her lesbian partner. Interestingly, this case did not arise out of a custody or parentage dispute as a result of a break-up of the partners’ relationship. Rather, it was the government (the Department of Interior) that had ruled administratively that the donor mom was not a legal mom — and that she would have to adopt her own biological child to become a legal parent. The partners appealed that decision to the local court, and the trial court judge overturned the government’s administrative decision. This decision is part of a growing trend of decisions emerging from the courts in Israel to recognize same-sex partners as legal parents of their children. A summary of the case can be found here:

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