Good News & Bad

A warm “thanks” to Art Leonard of New York Law School for his Lesbian/Gay Law Notes, a monthly publication that highlights the major legal events affecting the LGBT community.  The Summer 2009 issue ( covers the good news coming from Wisconsin, where the state legislature has extended a broad range of legal protections to registered domestic partners, including family leave, intestacy rights, powers of attorney coverage and exemption from certain transfer taxes — without calling it marriage.

The bad news this month comes from Louisiana, where a Court of Appeal rejected a parentage petition filed by a non-biological mother, on the grounds that she couldn’t establish that the biological parent was unfit.  In other words, being the partner when the couple decided to have the child and raising them together isn’t sufficient to establish parentage.   The lesson from Louisiana is clear: if you want to be a legal parent, move to a state where you can obtain a second-parent adoption!

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